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Your environment crafted from your point of view.

What We Do


“Our homes reflect who we are, and we share that with other people,” says Laura. “We experience joy with our family and friends in the environments that are extensions of who we are. And it’s our escape. It serves a lot of different purposes.” 

Laura assists in a wide-range of possibilities, doing everything from picking out bathroom faucets to complete design from construction up. She can do something as simple as selecting pillows and artwork to working with contractors, folding a vision for design into the construction process. From an initial design on paper to reality, Laura fosters the process in a way 


Our business spaces should foster a relaxed, comforting environment for customers and staff. To accomplish that successfully, the designer needs to start with the proper foundation. “I think about all the things you don’t have time to think about,” says Laura. “There are codes that have to be followed—rules and regulations. I think about ADA compliance, fire codes, exit/entry codes—all the things that will get you set up correctly.” Laura also carefully analyzes planned usage and selects finishes that are durable and able to withstand the rigors of the environment. 

And while Laura starts with those things in mind, she always keeps in mind her overall goal. “With my clients, I do treat my commercial projects just like I do my residential projects. I want you to be comfortable and cozy in your business environment just like you would in your home.”

Special Events

“I get to play a part in some of the most important days of people’s lives. I get to celebrate weddings with my clients. I get to be involved in holiday gatherings. I’m there to see joy on people’s faces when they are surprised with a birthday party, and they walk into a room that reflects who they are as well as the love of friends and family. These are moments that will stand in memory for a very long time. I am honored to help create those special times.”

Laura loves the anticipation that comes with planning and coordinating, which takes the stress off you. “It’s about creating an ambiance. Everything from table scapes to decorations flow together to create an aura of celebration. And I keep in mind not only the look but the functionality. Where’s food going to be? Will there be dancing? Where will guests need to walk to move about? I look at an event space like I do a house. There are different spots and vignettes that have their own purposes and serve an overall goal. And I have to get it right. You can’t go back.

“It’s a lot of work in a short amount of time, and I don’t want people to be on edge. I want you to enjoy your event and not be exhausted from stress.”